St. Louis Judges

The amount of information floating around about upcoming Missouri elections can be a lot to handle. So we have brought the content to a more localized level. Here we have provided information pertaining to the St. Louis judges and election processes.

St. Louis abides by the Missouri Plan, or non-partisan court plan, and participates in merit-based judicial selections. So you can look at the judicial evaluations for the St. Louis judges and see how well the judges performed in your area. Based on this information and the suggestion of the Judicial Performance Evaluation Committee, you can decide whether or not to retain the judges.

The judges in the St. Louis area include: Judge Sullivan, Judge Gaertner, Judge Mooney, Judge Clayton, Judge Edwards, Judge Moriarty, Judge Burlison, Judge Neill, Judge Dierker, Judge Garvey, Judge David, Judge Stovall-Reid, Judge Clark, Judge Walsh, Judge Burton, Judge Sherry, Judge Beach, Judge Bresnahan, Judge Vincent, Judge Dolan, Judge Jamison, Judge Dueker, Judge Schroeder, Judge Essner, Judge Farragut-Hemphill, and Judge Borbonus.

There are two municipal courts within the St. Louis area: the St. Louis City Municipal Division, Judicial Circuit 22 and the St. Louis County Municipal Division, Judicial Circuit 21. St. Louis is also home to the Missouri Court of Appeals (Eastern District) and other circuit courts.